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Made in China

12 September 2007

China China

It is an authentic piece of china: China china. Manufactured during the Wudai period (五代时期: 907 - 960AD), according to its owner, it is the first porcelain found baked in wood kiln.

When the cup is illuminated by lamp, each lotus pedal appears semi-translucent as if made of jade and looks like having a Buddhist monk sitting in meditation, when the cup is exposed to the sunlight at a certain angle, an image resembling a phoenix (凤凰) - the legendary celestial bird representing the female royal power - can be clearly discerned in the bottom of the container.

This piece of priceless treasure belongs to Mr Liu Zhiguo, a Dalian resident, and had been sealed with other treasured porcelains in a box for over seventy years.

China Beauty

Tow of China's super movie stars: a youthful Zhang Ziyi, in her 20s, and an ageless Liu Xiaoqing, in her 50s.

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