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Straight Way UP
- A vertical Path on a Mountain in the Heart of China

18 October 2007

It's not a journey for faint-hearted, as with one slip, you may find yourself right on your way to hell.

Mt Hua (华山), which can be interpreted as Mt Lotus, Mt China, risen more than 2000 metres above sea level and located 120 km of the ancient capital Xi’an in the heartland of China, is one of five China’s major ribs. It is also a cradle of Chinese civilisation and one of the four most sacred Daoist mountains on the planet. According to some historians, the name of China, 中华 (Zhonghua), 华夏 (Huaxia) all came from Mt Hua.

Mt Hua is said to be formed by a single giant granite rock about 120 million years ago. As a typical Daoist site, it has a reputation for being the most perilous and scenic mountain in China, with temples built on cliff faces and stone trails from the hillfoot to the summit carved into the rocks, which wonderfully reflects the potent and mysterious power of the Daoism.

In the imperial times, emperors regularly paid their homage to the spirit of the mountain since it was viewed, and is still viewed by many, as the guardian and protector of Chinese nation.

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A Date with Dragon

What is shown in the pic is a cloud appeared in the sky immediately after the launch of the first Chinese lunar prober, Fairy Lady Chang'e I (嫦娥一世). Many Chinese somehow have identified the shape of the cloud with the image of a dragon, the celestial guardian of China.

Chinese Kids Get High

It became a front page news lately when Dutch magician Ramana got high before the White House.

Phew, some Chinese kids in Guangdong province may scoff at the stunt. "See what we've done! And we do it by walking and by riding and by raising our hands doing amazing stuff in the air."


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