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There Is No Place Like Home

7 October 2007

Mr Lu lives in a pictorial southern port city of Xiamen and shares the Chinese Dream with millions of his countrymen that is to owe his own home. After 7 years of bloody hard work, he eventually saved enough money to realise his dream.

But instead of approaching an architects firm, he sought help in cyber-space by posting his specifications online.

His design concept proves to be so charming, that among many helping hands eagerly stretched out to him, one from a local shopping centre was particularly large which holds a piece of land for him to build his dream house.

The building project was complete last month, and by the end of September, Mr Lu and his entire family moved in. Since then, in a short time span of just one week, his new home has become the latest tourist attraction in Xiamen and received up to ten thousand sightseers, according to the local report.

You might wonder what’s so special with this guy or his house. Well, he’s a typical salary earner and his house is a tiny one with only two rooms. Surely these can’t be the reason for generating so much public interest.

Then we may have to return to the fact that Mr Lu is a salary man living in today’s China where the property market is in a rage of boom, boom, bang. The typical salary earner in question had earned his salary in seven years which only enables him to purchase a home with 5 square metres of living space.

Under normal circumstances, a 5 sqms area can only accommodate a bathroom. But Mr Lu, though just being a humble salary man, does not believe his family should spend all their time bathing; he also wants to have places to relax during the day, to sleep at night and to cook daily meals.

And that is how this tiny house on 5 square metres of land has been built. And now the proud owner, Mr Lu, called himself Mr 5 M2 (5平方米先生).

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