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House of Flying Daggers

24 October 2007


This village home in Chongqing at China’s heartland (重庆荣昌县清江镇竹林村7社) is a true house of flying daggers. Unlike the epic movie with the same name that is all about screen hypes and digital stunts, the daggers here are flying for real.

15-year old Huang Fuxiang (黄甫祥) looks just like any 15-year olds in China, but he is also a master of flying dagger kung fu, and a master in its highest order. The teenager can fly his daggers form 2 metres distance to hit the targets just a few millimetres away from his uncle’s throat.

It is a dangerous kungfu in its most extreme, requiring an absolute integration of one’s body, mind and qi. Huang began to learn this special martial arts from his father since he was 10. It’s a hard training process that is probably unimaginable by even many Olympic athletes, but which is quite normal for anyone who wants to acquire high forms of Chinese kung fu. His daily routine starts at 5am, that includes various physical training such as boxing and backflip, in addition to fly daggers a thousand times.

The best Chinese Kung Fu never mean to be a form of entertainment, seeking to amuse public, nor are they aiming at wining contests against others. It is all about compete with oneself, in quest of achieving an inner harmony physically, mentally and spiritually.

A true master has no external rivals except himself.

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