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A Celestial Journey by Train
中国最牛车票 -- 从东方红到太阳升

5 October 2007

“The east is red, the sun is rising,” this is the opening lyric of a song that extols China’s late leader Chairman Mao Zedong, which became the national anthem during the Cultural Revolution, and which resounded every hour when the giant English clock in Shanghai’s Bund banged in those years, and which after a decade silence has now once again boomed at the bank of the Huangpu River .

But if you think this is a heavenly affair, and the heavenly affair alone, you’re just half right. In reality with 57 yuans, you can travel from one earthly point where the east is read, to another point where the sun is rising, and by train.

There are numerous big or medium or small places in China that are either called The East Is Red or The Sun Is Rising, but it is only in the northeast province Black Dragon River (Heilongjiang 黑龙江省), where the two names in question are actually linked by a railway line. And that is how that ticket with a powerful celestial message shown in the picture was issued.

The railway station The East Is Red, located between Tiger Forest Town (虎林市) and Prosperous River County (饶河县) in Heilongjiang Province.

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