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The Dreadful Wisdom
of Some Chinese Economic Gurus

14 October 2007

The following are some of their famous remarks:

Is the wealth gap between rich and poor in China too big? Certainly not, in fact, it’s still not big enough. Only when we further increase the gap, socio-economic advancement of the nation can then be achieved. (中国的贫富差距还不够大,只有拉大差距,社会才能进步。 )

The hallmark of China’s modernisation is that the professors in the Beijing University owe cars and holiday villas. (中国现代化的标志是北大教授拥有轿车和别墅.)

Why are the poor people in China poor, because they hate rich people. (中国穷人为什么穷,因为他们都有仇富心理。 )

If national assets were a bowl of rice, we should spit on it. (国有资产就是一碗饭,要往上面吐吐沫.)

In order for the economic reform to succeed, we have no choice but to sacrifice an entire generation, that is 30 million old workers. (为了达到改革的目标,必须牺牲一代人,这一代人就是3000万老工人.)

800 million peasants and redundant workers are China’s huge assets, since their consistent presence under the current condition is necessary for the happy lives of the rich few. (8亿多农民和下岗工人是中国巨大的财富,没有他们的辛苦哪有少数人的享乐,他们的存在和维持现在的状态是很有必要的.)

The poors should view the riches as their big brothers. The big ones wear new clothes, and the little ones get their hands down, which is only natural. (穷人应该将富人看成自己的大哥,大哥穿新衣小弟穿旧衣,天经地义.)

China is in the middle phase of the development. We’ll have to go through the heavy industry stage, during which the pollution to the environment is unavoidable. But so what, we’ve gained the economic benefits. (中国处于发展中阶段,重工业化是必经阶段,对环境的污染势必难免但我们获得了收益.)

I call for the full abolition of old-age pensions, employment benefits, compensations for work-related injuries and all other welfare payments, that's the way to make people stick to their jobs. (我建议取消所谓的养老保险、失业保险、工伤保险等等福利,目的是保持大家的工作热情和能力.)

Let redundant workers live in rural areas (下岗工人到农村去!)!

-- by some Chinese economic professors

Some Netizens' Comments on the Gurus' Wisdom:


Confucius believes not to do to others as you would not wish done to yourself; Daoism believes when the officials are not greedy, people will live a full and dignified life; Chinese tradition believes the peach and plum trees do not need to promote themselves, as the world would beat a path to appreciate their blossoms.

All above are our time-honoured wisdom for managing state affairs and advocating harmonious communities. When these wisdom were trashed by these elites, China lost its coherence. What truly puzzlingly is why these twisted souls who are actually no more than a bunch of conscienceless freaks would be able to dominant the mainstream of China’s economic scene for so many years.

(儒家有信条:“己所不欲,勿施于人”;道家有信条:“官无欲,民自朴”;民间有格言:“桃李不言,下自成蹊”。这些,都是自古以来中华民族建设和谐社会所不可或缺的常识性智慧。当这些常识被所谓的精英们抛弃之后,中国社会失去和谐也就不可避免了。看来,当今中国社会失去和谐,是从这个社会的所谓的精英们失去常识,丢掉良心开始的。各位朋友, 真正令人奇怪的是,为什么有着如此扭曲灵魂的“精英”,有着如此荒唐逻辑的“精英”, 居然也能“主流”多年?)


"The hallmark of China’s modernisation is that the professors in the Beijing University owe cars and holiday villas."

A bold remark, and that shows how selfish these people are. (这话够露骨,他们私心太重了.)

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Confucian on Wealth Gap

"丘也闻:有国有家者,不患寡而患不均,不患贫而患不安。盖均无贫,和无寡,安无倾。" - 《论语·季氏》

The social perils are mainly derived not from the shortage in material assets but unfair distribution of wealth, and feeling of insecurity and injustice. In other words, If we share the wealth, there will be no poor people; if we have homogenous relationships, there will be no social outcasts; if our hearts feel content and at peace, there will be no civil unrest and turbulence.

-- by Confucian


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