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Start of Summer

8 May 2007


Chinese calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms (节气), with the Start of Spring (立春) as the starting point and the Great Cold (大寒) the conclusion to the annual circle.

The 24 solar terms are further divided into two categories: Jie (节 Seasonal Terms) and Qi (气 Climate Effects). The former marks the seasonal turning points, and the latter highlights the climate traits and the relevant agricultural responses.

Of the 12 Jies, four are designated to pinpoint the key transitional moments of the four seasons, and Sunday, May 6th, is precisely such a day: the Start of Summer for the Fire Pig year, as by then the sun past through the spot of 45 degrees in the celestial longitude.

In the southern hemisphere, everything is reversed and the Sunday became the Start of Winter Day.

24 Solar Terms in the Pig's Year 2007

Months Jies (节) Qis (气)

Lunar December


Start of Spring (立春)
(4 February)




Pig's Year
Lunar January


Rain Water (雨水)
(19 February)




Lunar February

Waking of Insects (惊蛰)
(6 March)

Spring Equinox (春分)
(21 March)




Lunar March

Fresh Green (清明)
(5 April)

Grain Rain (谷雨)
(20 April)




Lunar April

Start of Summer (立夏)
(6 May)

Lesser Fullness (小满)
(21 May)




Lunar May

Grain in Ear (芒种)
(6 June)

Summer Solstice (夏至)
(22 June)




Lunar June

Slight Heat (小暑)
(7 July)

Great Heat (大暑)
(23 July)




Lunar July

Start of Autumn (立秋)
(8 August)

Limit Heat (处暑)
(23 August)




Lunar August

White Dew (白露)
(8 September)

Autumn Equinox (秋分)
(23 September)




Lunar September

Cold Dew (寒露)
(9 October)

First Frost (霜降)
(24 October)




Lunar October

Start of Winter (立冬)
(8 November)

Slight Snow (小雪)
(23 November)




Lunar November

Great Snow (大雪)
(7 December)

Winter Solstice (冬至)
(22 December)




Lunar December

Slight Cold (小寒)
(6 January 2008)

Great Cold (大寒)
(21 January 2008)

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