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Look Who's Running

9 May 2007

A Chinese lady is eighty-year old, but shows little sign of aging. A few years ago, she joined China's ever expanding army of peasant workers and went to the provincial capital city Nanjing to find a job. If you think she's too old to do anything, you are wrong for that, 'cause she can do many things, for example, climbing a high wall or lifting a heavy load.

The result of her job hunting endeavour is unclear, but the local media did report that a few days ago she decided to start her own business that requires a lot of climbing and lifting and running.

Her first project was to transport a large quantity of hard cokes from a heavily guarded waterfront dock to her own home - without the knowledge of those who own the materials, of course.

She conducted a covert survey of the site beforehand, then carrying a snake-skin bulk bag, set off to mount a 3 metre high enclosure wall barehanded. Once entered the premises, she quickly filled her bag with about 30 kilograms of the goods.

The business went well initially until the moment when she moved back to the wall with her trophy. A police patrolling the site spotted her and immediately determined that she didn't look like a usual wharfer, so ordered her to halt her movement.

But it couldn't stop the lady from doing what she loves to do most: high climbing and heavy lifting. She raised the fully loaded bulk bag, tossed it over the wall, then ascended with barehands onto the top of the enclosure and jumped down on the ground. Once landed, she carried the heavy load over her shoulder and ran.

The police also climbed over the wall and chased after her. But the old lady ran so fast, the young man only caught her after a good hundred metres fierce dash. It was by then he realised that his rival sprinter was in such a formidable age. He was stunned.

Wonder if Sean Connery in the fictional circumstance of The Emtrapment could do much better than that.

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