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A Chinese Man's Near-death Experiences

13 May 2007

In the West, a near-death encounter that allows a preview of the Other World often leaves, as is said, the sufferer with a profound spiritual experience, which further brings about a fundamental shift in personality orientation and general outlook on life. If one return journey on the Other Side can cause such a deep change, imagine when somebody holds a multiple travel pass and makes regular trips between the two worlds!

A Chinese man in Chongqing is just such a guy who finds himself a commuter between the Yin and Yang two realms.

He has no knowledge as to when he ever applied for the travel pass, and insists he is forced to live a life on the road. After the success of his initial voyage at the age of eight, it becomes a routine for him to take day trip to and fro the dark region every few months.

During the time when he was traveling, his physical body demonstrates no sign of life, pale and rigid with no pulse and breath detected. Then hours later, he is back, fit and sound, picking up the thread of his interrupted yang life.

But unlike his Western counterparts, he never signs a contract with any media network to talk on TV about his encounter, nor does he seal a deal with any publishing house to promote his memoir. Because of his stubborn silence on the subject, so far the details of his journey are murky.

Reportedly his next date with the Netherworld is due. Will this time he change his mind and decide to let us all share his travel experience in that Wonder-may or may not-Land? We'll find out by then, so please keep tuned.

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