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A Village Keeps Receiving Hits

5 May 2007

Jiangxi has a reputation for being most prone to hits among all Chinese provinces.

It's nothing assuming about. Not to the locals, definitely, 'cause we're not talking about online hits, but lightning hits. In a short time span of mere one week in 2006, for instance, 23 people were struck dead by lightning there. Of course, it is an extreme case. But even in an average year, this violent natural phenomenon would claim more than ten lives province-wide.

If it sounds bad enough, wait until somebody mentions Nanchang (南昌市), a city in Jiangxi. Nanchang gets more hits than any other parts in the province. But if you think that shall be the worst, then wait again until somebody mentions Mr Lightning's Platform village (雷公坛村). A few decades ago, there were 180 people there, but in past twenty years, fatal incidents resulted from lightning strikes occurred so frequently that it saw five deaths and dozens of serious injuries among the villagers. Now the locals nearly all have fled their home with only eight elderlys remaining behind. When it rains, everyone in the village would stay indoors, shivering.

It is said that when the local media reporters visited the village, all they saw were farmland laid to waste and empty houses unoccupied. "It has been years we haven't seen anyone coming here," the eight villagers who chose to stay put told the visitors. Among the eight, there is a man who lost his wife to lightning and he himself received heavenly blows for five times.

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