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Fengshui Your Luck While Playing Poker

7 May 2007

A Chinese man in Chongqing played poker game with his friends on May Day holiday, and kept losing. He heard that right fengshui can not only improve one's living condition, but one's fortune, so he decided to give it a try. He started by complaining about the hot weather, and then repositioned an electric fan to allow the wind blowing directly towards him.

The electric fengshui did not let him down, and the cash began to flow in the reverse direction. After offering himself as a windproof screen for about one hour, he was cold, stiff and purple, but he feared a position alteration of the fan might end his poker luck, so he decided to tough it out. Eventually he claimed a big win in the game. But he was not laughing - not that he didn't want to; he just couldn't. He was suffering from facial paralysis and had to visit hospital to fix the problem.

You hurt my face, man!

Do you know how expensive the hospital fees are in today's China? Well, that is how karma works.

What we give we get, ten times over. We may delay the payment by shifting our debts from one credit account to another using the methods like fengshui or other, but in the end, we still have to pay, and this is the first rule of fengshui.
(Reference:法制晚报 )

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