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Cats with Wings

19 May 2007

Do you believe in angels? This male cat at Xianyang city in Shaanxi province has wings grown on the back.

According to his master Granny Feng, it all began about one month ago when the spring arouse the passion of the female cats in the neighbourhood, who somehow decided that Granny Feng’s pet should be this year’s new Cat Idol. Pity there are no regulations in any country that govern the relationship between the pets, so the new heartthrob has to bear the sexual harassment from his female fans day and night.

It is unclear about the exact contents of the flirtatious message those cat-ladies sent to him through their wild body language and rowdy screaming, but what is clear is that they made a strong impact on him physically, and possibly spiritually: He began to grow wings.

That could be a telling example of what love (and perceptions of others, and expectations of oneself) can do to people, and cats. Or, perhaps it tells nothing – the cat just has two strange-shaped tumours grown on his back.

This golden bachelor cat is in fact not an only angel-wanna-be in China. Last year Chinese media reported another case in southern Guizhou province in which it was a female cat that grew wings. And a year before, at Hanzhong in Shaanxi province a cat who refused all other diet but chicken and milk reportedly developed a pair of wings each over 200 mm in length and walked in a way as if on the verge of taking off to fly.

Another cat in Henan Province would not mind what to eat and never pretends to take off from the ground, but whenever she gets upset or angry, her wings will erect to make a visual statement of her heightened emotions.

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