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Chinese Sky Walkers

23 March 2007

A skywalk was officially opened to skywalkers over the Grand Canyon in the United States on 20 March 2007, and the guy who initiated the concept design of this new wonder is said to be a SBS - Shanghai born Shanghainese. Therefore it could be quite safe to assume he is a Chinese.

If so, it's no wonder then, because Chinese are masters of sky walking. We have proves here. In the photo 1 a Chinese sky walker is shown in full swing, literary.

Photo 1: A Chinese sky walker highlighted in the light circle are traveling from a temple built on the edge of a cliff to reach the another cliff top

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Unlike in the case of the Grand Canyon Skywalk where you look down through thick glasses, here you can enjoy a complete open spectacle of the natural majesty. And it certainly does not cost 454 tons of metal to have 100 steel bars drilled into limestone bedrock 40 feet deep. In this Chinese skywalk one set of iron train is suffice to do the job - it brings least to the original environment, and takes away nothing.

Photo 2: Strolling leisurely on the narrow footpath in his vertically challenged backyard


It seems the SBS did not introduce the best of the East to the West when he proposed his design concept. But on the other hand, he may have a good reason for not doing so. In the noble spirit of sharing - as we would like to guess - he doesn't want to see the high experience to be exclusively reserved for super kung fu masters. And he may argue that the old and the young and the fit and the weak shall all have an opportunity to explore a lofty point of view as it is demonstrated in the photo 3.

Photo 3: Some Indian elders and two aging former astronauts are among the first group of people stepping onto the thick glass floor of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

But does it certainly have to be the case? Without a broad glass floor the ordinary folk will definitely have no chance to acquire a broad perspective? Look what is happening in the photo 4.

"Sky walk? Just a piece of cake. And I have many pieces of cakes in my basket."

A group of Chinese villagers living in China's southwest are on their way home after attending a market fair

How about this dizzying stroll? Braved by the men and the women, the granny and the baby, with heavy burdens on the back or in the arm.

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