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Chinese Astrology Predictions for 2007
The Year of the Pig
18 February 2007 - 6 February 2008

18 March 2007



Five Agents: Yin Water

Date of Birth

30 January 1911 – 17 February 1912
16 February 1923 – 4 February 1924
4 February 1935 – 23 January 1936
22 January 1947 – 9 February 1948
8 February 1959 – 27 January 1960
27 January 1971 – 14 February 1972
13 February 1983 – 1 February 1984
31 January 1995 – 18 February 1996
18 February 2007 - 6 February 2008

Your Relationship with Other Zodiacs

Pig conquers (克): Horse and Snake

Pig is conquered by: Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox

Pig nurtures (生): Tiger and Rabbit

Pig is nurtured by: Monkey and Rooster

Pig competes with: Rat

Pig, being a pool, forms a Great Beneficial Circle (三合) with Rabbit and Goat. Pig produces enough Water to start a hydraulic project, which is carried out and managed by Rabbit. When the Water flows to the grazing land of Goat, it dries out.

Pig is in the partnership (六合) with Tiger. From Pig, Tiger gains energy; in Tiger, Pig finds fulfillment. But before reaching the point of having this harmonious relationship, they'll go through a difficult stage of justifying themselves to each other, as Tiger the Yang Wood (a giant tree) seems a little too much for Pig the Yin Water (a backyard pool) to nurture. In the process of readjustment, some damage may be caused (破).

Pig starts the three-year Minor Water Circle (三会), which is developed by Rat and concluded by Ox.

Pig clashes (冲) with Snake, causing a great deal of delays and setbacks.

Pig has a harmful relationship(害)with Monkey. Monkey keeps helping Pig, but Pig keeps disappointing Monkey.

Pig is born in the Monkey hill and buried in Dragon den.

Apply the basic rules mentioned above to time (year, month, day and hour) and space, and then you are right on the track to map out the circle of your general fortune path.

Your Luck in 2007

Lucky directions: north, southwest and east (the best locations for placing your bed or desk)

Unlucky directions: southeast and west (avoid these locations when placing your bed or desk)

Lucky months: Rabbit month (19 March - 16 April), Goat month (14 July - 12 August) and Rat month (10 December - 7 January 2008)

Unlucky months: Dragon month (17 April - 16 May), Snake month (17 May - 14 June) and Monkey month (13 August - 10 September)

Lucky colours: red, yellow and brown

Lucky numbers: 2, 6

Now lovely piggies, it’s your turn to do your celestial duty for the year and experience the dip of your astral fortune. But as the pig is the distinctive lucky sign, you shall fare reasonably well in your ruling year (本命年). Whenever you find the situation is beyond your control, you’ll get help from mighty Celestial Solution (天解) and Eight Seats (八座), provided you do not let your emotion run your life.

You may encounter more bumps on your career or business path in the first half of the year, thanks to the hurdles placed in the way by your antagonists. But if you can harmonise the relationship and put up perseverant effort, by the second half of the year, you’ll be able to enjoy a much smoother sailing on your voyage.

Although your fortune in wealth shall not be affected negatively, but the danger of a potential financial disaster is never far if you are not careful with your investment or spending. As the Tip of Sword (剑锋) and the Hidden Corpse (伏尸) follow the ruling star into your life, it may be necessary to apply extra caution to guard against possible accident or money loss.

Rat, Ox. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

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