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Chinese Astrology Predictions for 2007
The Year of the Pig
18 February 2007 - 6 February 2008

10 March 2007



Five Agents: Yang Metal

Date of Birth

2 February 1908 – 21 January 1909
20 February 1920 – 27 February 1921
6 February 1932 – 25 January 1933
25 January 1944 – 12 February 1945
12 February 1956 – 30 January 1957
30 January 1968 – 16 February 1969
16 February 1980 – 4 February 1981
4 February 1992 – 22 January 1993

Your Relationship with Other Zodiacs

Monkey conquers (克): Tiger and Rabbit

Monkey is conquered by: Horse and Snake

Monkey nurtures (生): Rat and Pig

Monkey is nurtured by: Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox

Monkey competes with: Rooster

Monkey, being a sword, forms a Great Beneficial Circle (三合) with Rat and Dragon. It opens the way for Rat to rise and channel its vast Water into the Dragon den.

Monkey is in the partnership (六合) with Snake. In the Snake hole, Monkey is born and being both nurtured and tortured; in the Monkey hill, Snake finds fulfillment and acquires wealth. Together they produce Water after some initial difficulties (破).

Monkey initiates the three-year Minor Metal Circle (三会), which is developed by Rooster and finished by Dog.

Monkey clashes (冲) with Tiger. Both are strong Yang, energetic and restless; and when the two clash, it is sure to cause a big splash.

Monkey has a harmful relationship(害)with Pig. Monkey keeps helping Pig, but Pig keeps disappointing Monkey.

But it is when monkey has a party with Tiger and Snake that the situation really turns nasty (刑), as the three tend to impose penalties on one another and fall together in a common ruin.

Monkey is born in the Snake hole and retired into the Ox shed.

Apply the basic rules mentioned above to time (year, month, day and hour) and space, and then you are right on the track to map out the circle of your general fortune path.

Your Luck in 2007

Lucky directions: southwest, north and southeast (the best locations for placing your bed or desk)

Unlucky directions: northeast and west (avoid these locations when placing your bed or desk)

Lucky months: Dragon month (17 April - 16 May), Goat month (14 July - 12 August) and Rat month (10 December - 7 January 2008)

Unlucky months: Tiger month (18 February - 18 March) and Monkey month (13 August - 10 September)

Lucky colours: red, brown and yellow

Lucky numbers: 2, 9

With the noble Great Yin (太阴星)opening up the new opportunities for you and connecting you to grand affiliates, your chance to make fast progress ahead in business or career is the best in six years. If you belong to the fair sex, you can even afford to multiply your luck by 2, since the Great Yin represents especially the female power and strength.

For those who have been itchy to explore new horizons, this is a good time to put your plan into action, particularly during the second half of the year.

It is quite likely that you’re one of the Monkeys that have worked hard on your chosen project but are yet to see any tangible results. Now with the help of your patrons and affiliates, you can expect to harvest your financial rewards soon.

The danger to lose your prize at the last minute is forever present though. When Monkey meets Pig, Six Hazards (六害) is triggered into existence, and the impatient Monkey may end up relinquishing his race moments before reaching the destination.

But your biggest antagonists this year are the Twist Hooker (勾绞星) and the Wagging Tongue (卷舌). It is important therefore to hold your tongue and guard your steps, and steer clear any murky business dealings or scandalous personal affairs, otherwise you may well squandering the heaven-sent opportunities that only appear once in half dozen years.

Rat,, Ox. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

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