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Chinese Astrology Predictions for 2007
The Year of the Pig
18 February 2007 - 6 February 2008

8 March 2007



Five Agents: Yang Fire

Date of Birth

25 January 1906 – 12 February 1907
11 February 1918 – 31 January 1919
30 January 1930 – 16 February 1931
15 February 1942 – 4 February 1943
3 February 1954 – 23 January 1955
21 January 1966 – 8 February 1967
7 February 1978 – 27 January 1979
27 January 1990 – 14 February 1991

Your Relationship with Other Zodiacs

Horse conquers (克): Monkey and Rooster

Horse is conquered by: Rat and Pig

Horse nurtures (生): Dog, Ox, Goat and Dragon

Horse is nurtured by: Tiger and Rabbit

Horse competes with: Snake

Horse, being the bushfire, forms a Great Beneficial Circle (三合) with Tiger and Dog. From the Tiger lair, Horse starts off the race; when it arrives at the God house, it reaches its final destination.

Horse is in the partnership (六合) with Goat - from Horse, Goat gains energy; in Goat, Horse finds fulfillment. It is a relationship of mutual respect and great harmony.

Horse is in the middle of the three-year Minor Fire Circle (三会), initiated by Snake and concluded by Goat.

Horse clashes (冲) with Rat in a spectacular fashion of open conflict, resulting sad loss and big change.

Horse has a harmful relationship(害)with Ox. When they meet, they both become muddle headed.

Horse has a damaging relationship (破) with Rabbit, and is responsible for Rabbit's downfall.

Horse is born in the Tiger Lair and retires into the Dog house.

Apply the basic rules mentioned above to time (year, month, day and hour) and space, and then you are right on the track to map out the circle of your general fortune path.

.Your Luck in 2007

Lucky directions: south, southwest and northeast (the best locations for placing your bed or desk)

Unlucky directions: southeast and north (avoid these locations when placing your bed or desk)

Lucky months: Tiger month (18 February - 18 March), Horse month (15 June - 13 July), Goat month (14 July - 12 August) and Dog month (10 October - 9 November).

Unlucky months: Snake month (17 May - 14 June), Rat month (8 January 2008 - 6 February 2008)

Lucky colours: green, brown and yellow

Lucky numbers: 3, 7

The year of the Pig witnesses a troop of powerful and auspicious stars shining upon your path, including Purple Star (紫微), Moon Virtue (月德) and Dragon Virtue (龙德), hence it is the time for you to fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life.

As your rivals, represented by Snake, are caught up in their losing battle with the ruler of the year, you can easily gain a competitive edge that would allow you to propel your business forward or take your career development one-step further. It can also be an excellent time for you to find love, to marry or to start a family.

That doesn’t mean your life this year is free of negative influence, however. Six Hazards (六害) may sabotage your relationship with your partners or associates, at the same time Minor Drainer (小耗) and Sign of Ill (病符) could place a lot of strain on your health and finance.

While you shall be able to enjoy good fortune and wealth as the result of your business success or job promotion, it is wise to be extra cautious when planning a large investment project, since you have Sudden Ruin (暴败) lurking in the darkness waiting for a chance to rip you off and take everything away.

Rat,, Ox. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

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