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A Pupil in the Sky

20 May 2007

Multi-languages, multi-perspectives, multi-poles, multi-cultures - multi is the catchword for a civil-wanna-be mankind of 21st century, although the first six years had witnessed one of the most barbaric periods in human history, with the religious extremisms, militant imperialism, reckless terrorism and unchecked commercialism ruling the day.

Double-layered halo over the Great Wall

What is this?
The pupil of the Heaven
Watching us
From a distance!

But the cosmic trends have a sign of turning the corner, and clock pendulum is going to sway towards another direction. The sun probably has caught the drift, and decides to join the multi-theme party. So here we see a multi-layered halo in the sky.

This double-layered solar halo appeared over the famous Badaling section of the Great Wall (八达岭长城) in the outskirts of the splendid Olympic city Beijing around the due noon on Sunday, 19 May, and the phenomenon lasted for nearly one hour. The images were captured by Chinese media.

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