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Chinese Astrology Predictions for 2007
The Year of the Pig
27 February 2007 - 6 February 2008

7 February 2007


Five Agents: Yang Water

Date of Birth

31 January 1900 - 18 February 1901
31 January 1900 - 18 February 1901
18 February 1912 – 5 February 1913
5 February 1924 – 24 January 1925
24 January 1936 – 10 February 1937
10 February 1948 – 28 January 1949
28 January 1960 – 14 February 1961
15 February 1972 – 2 February 1973
2 February 1984 – 19 February 1985
19 February 1996 – 6 February 1997

Your Relationship with Other Zodiacs

Rat conquers (克): Horse and Snake

Rat is conquered by: Dog, Goat, Ox and Dragon

Rat nurtures (生): Tiger and Rabbit

Rat is nurtured by: Monkey and Rooster

Rat competes with: Pig

Rat, being the huge river, forms a Great Beneficial Circle (三合) with Monkey (the source of Water) and Dragon (the reservoir). From the Money, the Rat starts its journey, and with Dragon, its mission complete.

Rat is in the partnership (合) with Ox, which is a complimentary relationship but not without friction. It is Ox not Rat who forever takes the charge, and it is Rat not Ox who is constantly bullied.

Rat is in the middle of the three-year Minor Water Circle (三会), after the Pig and before the Ox.

Rat clashes (冲) with Horse. When Yang Water meets Yang Fire, it is in for an open and brutal conflict. Fortunately, Rat is the one who usually gains the upper hand.

Rat has a harmful relationship(害)with Goat, charactered by endless quarrels and bitter discord.

Rat has a damaging (破) relationship to Rooster, with the junior one among the two (often it is Rooster) bearing the blunt.

But it is with Rabbit that Rat has the worst relationship: they impose penalties on each other (刑), and cause happy liaisons to end up in tears of betrayal.

Rat is born in the field of Monkey and buried in the cowshed.

Apply the basic rules mentioned above to time (year, month, day and hour) and space, and then you're right on the track to map out the circle of your general fortune path.

Your Luck in 2007

Lucky directions: north, southwest, southeast (the best locations for placing your bed or desk)

Unlucky directions: south, northeast (avoid these locations when placing your bed or desk)

Lucky months: Dragon month (19 March - 16 April), Monkey month (13 August - 10 September), Ox month (8 January - 6 February)

Unlucky months: Horse month (15 June - 14 July), Rooster month (11 September - 10 October), Dog month (11 October - 10 November)

Lucky colours: white, green, yellow

Lucky numbers: 2, 8

This year your overall situation is set to improve, as you are blessed by the brilliant Sun (太阳) and the romantic Peach Flower (桃花), and as you have been finally out of the shadow of heavy Dog force.

But since your Brother (兄弟) the Pig rules the day, your biggest challenge this year will be the relationship with your business partners or co-workers. It is wise to prepare to make compromises when needed, and to be on guard against pitfalls when things running smoothly; else you may find yourself face a setback at the last minute.

With your Pal leading the way and keeping you company, you have a tendency to indulge yourself with spending spree; and if you allow yourself to go down on this track, you may eventually land in a rather difficult financial situation.

The Pig is also your money taker (劫财), the one who shares in your inheritance. As it is in the commanding position this year, you may be saved from disappointment if you do not let the expectation bar get raised too high when you prepare your balance sheet.

The Peach Flower of the Pig Year blossoms in your front yard, which brings mixed blessings. If you are single and looking for a close relationship, 2007 won't let you down; but if you're already attached, too much temptation could be dangerous. Be alert.

On the whole, stay safe and play safe (see zodiac 2006) is still the best strategy for the Rats in the Pig year.

Rat, Ox. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

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