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A Triple Wedding in a Chinese Village

18 December 2007

A Chinese couple have triplets sons, the sons go to a city and become migrant workers; in the city there are three young ladies, and the ladies fall in love with the three sons, and that is how this triple wedding began.

It started by a fleet of wedding cars, that replaced the traditional sedans for the grooms to bring the brides to their home, rocking through mud trials entering a tiny village in a less developed central China province.

When the fleet arrived, the villagers all came to witness the wedding of the triplets, and lit firecrackers and fireworks.

While honourable senior members of the family settling in their regal seats by the front door to the wedding chambers.

The centrepiece of the wedding ceremony is a huge banquet, on which a wedding cake may not may not present. These traditional Chinese wedding cakes look like pieces of embroidered silk.

The proud parents of the triplets, Zang Great Sun (臧太阳), Zang Great Moon (臧太月) and Zang Great Star (臧太星), and their brand new triple daughter-in-laws (Wonder what their names are).


Original photos by: 中原摄狼
Original report by 水上行风

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