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The Rape of Nanjing 70 Years Ago
- on 13 December 1937

16 December 2007

70 years ago, Japanese soldiers entered Chinese capital Nanjing to break into homes, to loot, to burn and to kill, in the name of liberating China from the Western oppressions. For implementing their freedom programs, in Nanjing alone they mercilessly freed 300,000 Chinese from their earth-bund existence.

Japanese solders work hard on practicing their samurai sword stabling martial arts on real people, Chinese civilians, with the victims' heads covered with hoods.

A Chinese woman and her young daughter were strangled and killed by heavily-armed men - Japanese solders.

The bodies of Chinese children slaughtered by fully armed adults - Japanese solders.

Chinese men, women, kids and babies were assaulted, abused and massacred on their own street by the invaders -Japanese soldiers.

The mutilated bodies of Chinese with their heads chopped off by Japanese solders.

The blood-smeared heads of killed Chinese are here, hanging high on a pole by the aliens - Japanese soldiers.

Japanese doctors carry out their medical experiments on a war prisoner.

A Japanese doctor works on his scientific experiments on a Chinese baby.

The skulls of the massacred Nanjing residents by Japanese armies who embraced an anti-humanity value of genocide.

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