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Fengshui & Nuclear Technology

31 December 2007

Tombs are residences of the dead whose focus of consciousness is believed to have swung to the yin world, the mirror image of this yang world (like what a negative is to a developed photos), where every scene is murky, everything is flimsy and every soul is gloomy.

The length of the yin world residency allegedly varies, from as short as a split second or dozens days for those who arrive to be transferred to other solid forms of being (as though using it as an airport to change flights), to as long as several cosmic circles - kalpas (for those whose main focus of consciousness is unable to shift away from the more fluent but less coherent shadowy existence), all depend on what we desire and deserve.

Since what really has transited between the worlds is not our true self, nor is the so-called soul, but the concentration of our consciousness, the connections between the realms of yin and yang during our focused existence are constant and consistent, which is why Chinese culture traditionally placed great emphasis on the linkage between the two domains - tombs; thus came into the formation of the fengshui theories and practice that was initially formulated for preparing the journey to and life in the yin world for the deceased.

As later the fengshui practice developed to include the yang residence - the cities and houses - andbecame a popular tool to help enhancing the quality of the life on earth. It also spread to the other parts of the world, from Japan, Vietnam, Korea to Europe and America.

While some half-baked Chinese scientists, Chinese para-scientists and fanatic Chinese followers of the Science Cult condemn this thousands-year old arts as rotten feudal superstition, some Chinese nuclear scientists are said to have taken it dead seriously. A recently revealed report shows that ever since the early 90s, the nuclear scientists in China began to systematically study fengshui, hoping to gain insights into this ancient Chinese technology on site selection and living organism preservation.

According to a certain Hong Kong individual who has access to a research paper for internal review, the study concludes that the traditional Chinese burial site selection criteria, graveyard planning concepts, burial chamber designing principles and overall construction methods are highly comparable with the safety standards and measurements recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency for nuclear power plants development and radioactive waste management.

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