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Win without Fight

11 August 2007

A few days ago, a group of kungfu masters from Shaolin Monastery reportedly traveled northwestwards to let the courageous Russian officers strike their chest, punch their throat, kick their, well, see the pic for yourself. It doesn't require a lot of imagination to figure out who actually got hurt - not the ones in the receiving end of the onslaught, clearly, as they look totally unfazed, but the ones utilized their fists, arms and legs to initiate the attacks.

The Shaolin style Iron Shirt (铁布衫), Iron Thor at (铁喉功) and Iron Crotch (铁裆功), the supreme kungfus, which the masters acquired through years of diligent training, help their mind become expandable, their heart inclusive, and their body unassailable.

Great Chinese philosopher Laotze says in the Way of Virtue (道德经): "What is the supreme way of Heaven: Never fight for triumph yet never fail to prevail; forever remain silent yet always be heard (天之道,不争而善胜,不言而善应)."

And that - not assault, not insult - makes one truly invincible.

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