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China's Quick-Rich Gurus

14 August 2007

According to a joint study done by some local media in China, of nearly 8,000 people surveyed, 65.3% held rather negative views of today's “rich Chinese”, describing them as being showy, greedy and rotten.

The middle kingdom used to be one of the richest - if not THE richest - countries in the world for thousands of years. But in the recently century, China went near bankruptcy to the point where everyone was equally proudly poor with almost no exception. It was not until about couple of decades ago when a rich-class started emerging, and understandably, majority of the members in this class are get-rich-quick folks. Chinese call these people baofahu (Sudden-rich Household 爆发户).

Baofahu isn't a complimentary term praising those who rise up in society through their own effort, but is a word ascribing to those who are rich in wealth but poor in culture and manners.

Among today’s baofahus in China, few get rich quicker than property developers. Just look how China’s housing price is rising, rising and rising, you’ll get a fair idea of how the developers’ fortune growing, growing and growing.

And their guts are blowing, blowing and blowing.

Not too long ago, a government building was partially demolished by developers without the government consent. If they can treat governments with such contempt, does anyone need to stretch his imagination to picture how they are treating the ordinary people?

A building belonging to a tourism bureau in Chongqing was partially illegally demolished by developers

It is no wonder that they become, along with many other quick-rich gurus, the most hated figures in China.

But not everyone despises them. Some don’t, particularly some experts don’t, and particularly those with their special expertise in one thing, and one thing only - promoting the wholesale of the Western free-market system - don’t. An economist declaimed openly that it is only reasonable that the houses, cars and airplanes are made just for the rich people. He further offered himself to be the spokesman of affluent Chinese.

By the same token, it should only be reasonable that the houses, cars and airplanes are made exclusively for the rich nations. And culture too, and the Games too, and WMD too.

Then if China is by and large still poor, it ought to stick to a life with bungalows, horse-draw carts and wooden boats. If its people want anything more than that, be it in economy, culture or sports, that would certainly deplete the resource of the developed countries, endanger the environment of the whole world, and hurting the pride of the rich nations.

Wonder from where the wealthy states can find a better spokesman for them in China. Strongly recommend!

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