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A Cross-Spiece Friendship

29 April 2007

One of the most endearing Chinese love legends is about the romance between a Chinese man and a white snake.

But now it's no longer just a legend, well, almost.

Eight years ago, 23-year old Chinese peasant Huang Kaining, of Hainan Province, saved an injured baby snake in the field. He brought it home and nurtured it back to health.

The snake gradually grew big and strong, so does the cross-spiece friendship between the two. Once Huang injured his leg while doing fieldwork and was kept bedridden for half a month. During that period, the snake silently stayed at his bedside to keep him company, not for one moment did it wander off. Since then, the two become such good mates that they share the same bed even after Huang got married to his wife.

Huang's wife and son share the bed with the snake

When Huang's son joined the party, the snake offered itself as a full-time nanny, nursing the baby day and night. As the boy grows older, the snake turns itself to be a playmate and swimming coach for him, and for his little friends, being their life-saving guard.

Huang's son kisses his snake nanny

Who says man can never trust snake?

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