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Two Pigs Romance

19 April 2007

Mr Xie had a boar, and Mr Luo has a sow. Xie and Luo are neighbours, and the boar and the sow were lovers. For a while the life was good, until Valentine’s Day.

On 14 February, the boar was brought to be under Mr Xie’s knife. Mister pig was not informed of his fate beforehand so he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his girlfriend. He struggled and screamed in desperation.

The lady pig was enjoying sunbaking with her piglets when she heard the shriek of her lover. She dashed towards the scene and toppled Mr Xie with her massive body weight of over 300 kilos.

The compassionate lover was quickly driven away by the neighbours rushed to Xie’s rescue and locked up in the pigpen ever since. But Mr Xie paid a terrible price for intending to separate a couple on the Valentine’s Day. He underwent surgery after suffering several broken ribs and has been disabled for field work.

As for the boar, he was freed by his sweetheart, for a short while only. Later that day he was executed by Mr Xie’s grandson.

Bad luck for Xie’s neighbour Luo who is ordered to pay 800 yuans to cover part of Xie’s medical bill. Mr Luo isn’t happy about that. 子不教父之过, true, but the sow isn’t my child and I was never asked to teach her proper manners, why should I be punished for her bad behaviour! - He complained to the journalist who interviewed him.

When the story spread across China’s cyberspace, tributes poured in praising the remarkable love and passion between two pigs. Below are some of the lines:








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