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Chinese Houses in Painting (1)
by Contemporary Chinese Artists

April 2007

A Residence by the Pool

何为村庄之胜:凿水为濠,挑堤种柳。团团篱落,处处桑麻。花隐重门若掩, 堂需绿野犹开。

The painting depicts an ideal village setting illustrated by Ji Cheng of Ming Dynasty in his monumental work Craft of Gardens.

Chinese Urban Residential Area


A traditional residential laneway in Suzhou, commonly seen (in old days) around the Yangtze River Delta region.

A Residence in the Farm


The painting by a contemporary Chinese artist faithfully illustrates a traditional-style village house in China, that is restrained, elegant and reflective of its environment.

A Residence by the River


Chinese residences in traditional style stand by the river, borrowing the sound and scene of the natural setting, portrayed loyally through superb colour ink painting by a contemporary Chinese artist.

Chinese Houses in Painting 2

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