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The Shadow of Suzhou
A Small Town in the outskirts of Suzhou

April 2007

A live performance scene of Zhouzhuang festival opening show on Friday night

Zhouzhuang (周庄) is one of few best preserved traditional waterfield townships (水乡小镇) in China, which used to densely dot the vast rural areas in the regions south of the Yangtze River.

With Tourism Expo 2007 currently held in Suzhou, Zhouzhuang takes this heaven sent international gathering opportunity to host its twelfth annual tourist festival. On Friday night, the townsmen and townswomen let loose their time-honoured fishing songs, in their old-fashioned fisherman's and fisherwoman's costume, under fishing lights while performing their fishing shows.

It celebrates a life that is highly sensitive to the rhythm of seasonal change: the raining alleyways in tender green in spring, the lotus blossom and water lilies in flaming red in summer, the golden coloured crops that are ready for harvest in autumn, and the Chinese New Year feast in snow white winter.

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The Heart of Beijing

The modern architecture, the post-modern theatre and the ancient palace

One heart, broken into three pieces:

One piece is machine;
One piece is art;
One piece is culture.


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