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12 Steps to Examine Your Home Fengshui

You can Examine feng shui of your home by yourself, with 12 simple steps recommended by some Chinese fengshui masters.

Items You Should Keep Away from Home

From a fengshui point of view, our tangible world is formulated by qi, and qi is the intangible force in the universe which is swayed by our thoughts and emotions. On the other hand, as the tangible world is formed by harnessed qi, it is relatively stable and frames hurdles and channels to shape the flow of the highly fluent and volatile information energy. In this regard, it is recommended to think beyond the functional and visual representations when decorating your home or office, and take into account the effects that the physical world would have on the content quality and flowing pattern of qi.

The Wealth Corner

5 DOs and 5 DONTs to establish a money-generate wealthy corner at your own home.

Feng Shui and Dog

To some people it seems that their dogs are more prone to illness than that of others. If you have tried everything and fail to address the problem, then you may like to take a look at your home from the feng shui point of view.

Feng Shui Your Car

According to the Eight Character Astrology, most traffic accidents are resulted from the conflict between Wood and Metal.

Classic Chinese Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Find out what your dream may tell you according to classic Chinese interpretations

Classic Chinese Face Reading: 12 Houses in Your Face

Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyone to read. In short, your face reveals your fate. There are numerous ways to read a face in Chinese physiognomy: 3 Quarters, 8 Trigrams, 108 Spots, examining the shapes, the colours, the wrinkles and the moles, just to name a few. A master of face reader usually employs the combination of several techniques to gain multiple perspectives and perform cross-examination.

Classic Chinese Face Reading: Moles on Women's Face

Moles on your face are like stones in your house. When appearing in the living room (your forehead and cheeks), they mess the look of your household; when showing up in the corridors (your nose and mouth), they block the passage. But if they emerge in the undergrowth (your hair) or below a rock (you torso) in your backyard (a private place away from public view), they could form a little wonder of the landscape (your fortunes-cape). Find out what the moles on your face mean to you.

Eighteen Layers in Hell

Hell is said to be a world at the bottom of the universe, or more precisely, at the inner most layer of the cosmos. And Hell itself is again divided into many layers (or say, many levels), each characterised with a particular kind of terror. Here is one of many versions of the Hell’s floor plan ...


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